Braunton Burrows

Braunton Burrows is the largest system of sand dunes (or psammosere) in Britain, a National Nature Reserve and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Burrows are named due to the large amount of rabbits living there and the rabbits’ grazing has actually changed the appearance of the plants (unnaturally short), grasses and vegetation there.

There are paths from the (free) car park leading to and through the burrows. Follow the paths and then strike out on your own into the spectacular dunes. Some of the dunes are so large you feel like you’re on the moon!

The dunes are so steep and with large ‘craters’ that it’s perfect for military training and for ten days of the year The Ministry of Defense leases the land (from Christie Devon Estates Trust) for that purpose.

If you turn right out of Kingsacre House and then left into Moor Lane or Burrows Close Lane (signed). Follow the road until you reach the car park.